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Posted on: May 23, 2023

Ripped, riddled, torn asunder

Stripped, straddled, ridden raw

A stall, bucket to quench, barrel of hay

Ignore the stench, brush & stay

Blanket on back, bridle veil

To ride saddle or bare back

Gallop, trot, or canter


Horse shoe ring not so much luck does it bring

Staring at freedom across the field

Jockey’s grooming whip in side-to yield or abide

Neigh I choose another way before they put me down one day


Shell of bliss-shackle with a crackle of Earth’s fluid voice

With each tide reborn

Color’s enigmatic hue know the place in you that ceases to release

Opens it wide, purified with stinging salt

Wound joins waves to eradicate days like the receding sands of time

Ah, but the twinkle at twilight-that sparkling dance, effervescent glance, washes clean all wrath leaving only mysterious ease in it’s aftermath

Time a tapered ticket taker on the platform of never ending travel

Soul weary or taking flight

Another midnight journey-frightened delight

Wanting only to be near a friend…or the end

Stop on the tracks

Look at the mountains rolling back

Get off and run naked through the blanketed grass-feeling the blades tickle your ass

Laugh without worry or care

Be all that you dare

Stare down the walls-obstacles in disguise-really just opportunities to rise

Travel alone together

Occasionally, or on the regular

Here, there, or anywhere

Just Travel.

Tap tap

Dribble drop

Tears leaking from tightened spout

Wringing wrenching stripped not sealed

Watching waiting

Daring to be present

Unknown route

Praying hoping

Inhalation clear or polluted

Just keep breathing believing

Octopus arms cup

Overflowing waterfall pocket in an otherwise barren field

What will it yield

A guttural laugh starting low and uncertain

Relishing in its barrel curl ascension

Soul drum solo like an envelope sealed

Skirting edges peeks within

Writing regardless of who reads

Page marries hand

Inked ward

Eternal offspring

Lines appear where once there were none

Leading from whence you’ve come

Going, going gone

Eyes and lips of bird prints

Smiling feet from every beat

Ice cream hips

Belly laughs and moans

Paths taken or not yet sewn

Creating a story whilst watching it unfold

Together we rise often alone we fall

Always the hand of God’s invisible reassurance

Faith in the unseen houses wisdom of all it really means

Gratitude an attitude of hope rather than acceptance

Joyous honor-a chance to participate in the dance

Mutual exchange of birthing sun for ebbing shade

To fade to be remade

My Love holds me still

Anchored in certainty

Leaving no stone of doubt unturned

Digging deeper than footprints in the receding sand

Even if it lasts only as long, worth it to taste the salt, feel the cooling spray

To know the paradoxical joy of floating with faith’s anchor after being knocked head over heels in wonder

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