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Ghosts in my mind tell me of things long forgotten from a time a part of me can’t forget. A part a person can not hide, even in the fathoms of lifetimes past-a sacred knowledge that is passed from the collective unconscious to the cellular existence…a birthright of souls from light to life. I miss the moist ground beneath my feet, the wind between my toes, sunscreen free sunshine, and berries on the trees. All I see now are their invisible, infinite shadows in a concrete jungle maze. Who are we in this dance of moments when the bell rings, and we race to the schoolyard with untethered abandon. So many bright lights trying to dodge the lamp shades determined to dim them. Vulture, or mouse, choice, or fate-we are all on this dualistic human rite of passage that our souls undertake…hard to tell sometimes which part is bumping around in the carriage and which is driving it. Freedom the restricted wilderness of our state parks, where for a minute you can taste the breath of eternity before closing hours when you return to the breath itself.


Tap tap

Dribble drop

Tears leaking from tightened spout

Wringing wrenching stripped not sealed

Watching waiting

Daring to be present

Unknown route

Praying hoping

Inhalation clear or polluted

Just keep breathing believing

Octopus arms cup

Overflowing waterfall pocket in an otherwise barren field

What will it yield

A guttural laugh starting low and uncertain

Relishing in its barrel curl ascension

Soul drum solo like an envelope sealed

Skirting edges peeks within

Writing regardless of who reads

Page marries hand

Inked ward

Eternal offspring


March 2023


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