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True Self awakening

Freedom Five

Elixir for life

Cat perched

Paws on fire

Silent guffaws answered in soaked laughter

Pushing through tears to transmute fears into faith

Joy and hope its own reward on Kerouac’s road to a detour around suffering

Asphyxiated enough by the diesel in our own engines

Destination irrelevant

Just wanting a journey to smile at

Beatnik dreams


Winding the corner to a widening perspective

Pinholes of light in darkened peripheral

Tears cascade crumbles of forgotten mud in cracked awakening smiles

Sinew stretches, relaxes, settles

Heartbeat steadies

Breath even

Return to peace if even just a moment

Before turned upside down again

This dance of fate and chance held in arms’ will

A cacophony of wonders running the gamut of emotions

If life be a symphony play on-til no more chords echo in the twists and turns of the marrow of my bones

The window remains

The pane the same

But the view has changed along with her name

What began as a dance now a steadfast stance

Took a chance on romance

Its roots dug deep-grew a child, birthed a family-beautiful fruits of labor

From girl to woman, lover, partner, mother

Not yet old, but feeling time begin to fold

Living in the chasm’s interim

Laughter, tears, worry, joy, fears

Emotions once shuffled like toys, then questioned as ploys, now simply a fluid way of life

Surfing some, wading others

Toe dips, deep plunges, lazy breaths on sunny rocks, gasping for air between undulating knocks

Rhythmic flow in the zone

Alternately joyous, wondering, terrified, and thrown

Blissful sail of peace gives them all momentum, meaning-to a common centered place, a safe space


Home is where the heart is

Maybe home is the heart

When nearer to the end where does one begin and the other end?

I keep his picture clear before me on my desk to see every day. His back turned in free, unfiltered movement-not to exclude, but to explore. A constant reminder for me to hold the space for him, while simultaneously letting him discover his own way. Parenting- the ultimate paradox, a challenging reward of investing so much with no guarantee of return…will the foundation you laid continue to solidify their steps, or will life (and their choices) create cracks upon which they stumble and fall? More importantly, did you prepare them to get up, and continue in faith and trust amidst all the soft and hardened ground? What will you be privy to in their deepest thoughts and experiences, and what will be kept from you, whether or not it should be?

A deeper space in my heart lit up when he was born, one I never knew existed, and one that can now never be extinguished. All I can do, all any of us mothers can do, is accomplish the impossible feat of being a revolving door of security, love, boundaries, and freedom…to always be there as they come and go, with one arm extended to catch, embrace and hold, and the other open wide to let them go out again on the other side.



Being believing

Doubting questioning
Free fall Faith
Birth to death

Breath between

We smile as easily as frown until we realize there is no crown, or competition to rule

You are your own sovereign, infusing life with merriment, meaning, or strife

A blink and it’s done just as it’s begun…heart full of laughter, knowing, and questions-deepened exposed, yet still mystery unfolds

Will it end, or eternally bend in a loop of souls-wondrous creation, elation, mind boggling ethereal ascension

A life is grown as much from the unknown as what is certain

We are born to live, love, learn & grow…enjoy and die-to be reborn again

For what or when only Spirit knows and with it all grows and glows



Aimless purpose

Drinking in the salt air

Intoxicatingly pungent

Tongue raises buds

Birthing the nectar of exotic flowers

Tasting Freedom

Resting in motion



Youth lived through the age of wisdom

Time a healer

A torturer

A cosmic joke or antidote

Filling my heart with the positive vibration of love

Living to the best of my ability

In the shadow of morning’s mud

With footprints soggy

Sticky sweet

Beckoning my sole to meet

Do you breathe in ease with gratitude, or stiffled in fear?

Do you smile at the feather in the sky, or wonder how it got there & where it came from…or not see it at all?

Do you inhale fresh air & revel in movement, or sit in contemplation & stillness?

Have you been here so long you can’t remember when it began, or is it so new everything is discovery for you?

Do you see the oneness-the same energy force & hope in all our eyes, or divisive isolation, opposition & despair?

Whatever, whoever, you are, whatever may be your journey, however it begins, ends, or you perceive it to be…please think it is

We not Me.

So often we hear about the importance of gratitude: “A grateful heart is a happy heart”; “Less attitude, more gratitude”; “Start each day with a grateful heart”; and of course, “Give thanks”. I have always reminded myself, even in troubling times, to focus on what there is to be grateful for, and it truly does make it easier when deal with challenges-creating more peace and joy. This past week, gratitude has come more to the forefront of my attention and experience because I am reading the book Magic, by Rhonda Byrne (Author of the Secret). In this book there is a focus on the magical power of gratitude-in attitude and behavioral practice. There is a 28 day practice of daily activities to express, feel, and live in gratitude, with the expectation that the more you are grateful, the more you will have to be grateful for. It is similar to the law of attraction (what you put out you get back). I am on day 3, and already my heart feels more open, calm, joyful, and peaceful. I realized that I truly can focus even more on the positive and the many blessings in my life. Hey, and if I manifest even more great things as a result…icing on the cake.

Smile wide

Take it in stride

To your heart’s true yearning always abide

You have an unknown ride so take it to the limit

Burst at the seams with joy

Breathe in love

Exhale passion and peace upon the vapors of the world

Carrying your grateful spirit to all near it

Keep happiness by your side even if happens to slide

Remember we need the ebb and the flow of the tide

Look inside the shadows of your mind

Find the truth hiding to be found

Seek-take a peek

Secrets pets

Wishes kept

Worries wept

Listen to the drops of love’s drying tears

Feel the breeze of unseen wind upon the hair of your hand

Taste the salt of daggers’ wounds

Deep within soul’s womb

Begin again

Everyone is familiar with addiction in one form or another…either you know someone struggling with addiction and/or you are struggling with your own addiction(s). What is less familiar, or less discussed, is the fact that every single person has some form of addiction, albeit varying levels and types. That morning cup of coffee you just have to have, repeatedly binge watching those shows, regularly purchasing all those extra items you may not really need, constantly eating those extra treats, always being a worry wart, etc. Granted, most of these “lesser” forms of addiction are usually minimally invasive to our well-being and lives, but they still make an impact on our anxiety levels, self-esteem, and quality of life. By no means, outside of a utopian existence, could anyone be without some element of these human feelings and behaviors. However, if we all paid a little more attention to these nagging habits, or addictive interrupters, we may find that we experience a little more balance, calm, and satisfaction in our daily lives.

I think there is a distinction between indulgences and addictions, most clearly in the regularity of the behavior, and the way engaging in the behavior makes you feel. As a Holistic Counselor, I find that many of my clients are struggling with these human “addictions”, but what’s concerning is that they feel they are not allowed to be struggling with what they consider to be such banal or benign issues. What I always strive to impart to all my clients is: 1. You are unique, whole, and allowed to feel whatever your experience is bringing to the table-that is the first step in healing and growing; 2. Comparing your experience/feelings to anyone else’s is futile and counterproductive; and 3. No one can ever know the depth of what you are feeling, and those feelings are not for anyone to judge (not even you) as being proportionate, or disproportionate, to whatever may have caused them.

Let us all be a little more kind, gentle, and open-minded with ourselves, others, and this paradoxical amalgamation of human experience. Balance and release where we can, reflect and work on being the best version of ourselves, but forgive some missteps along the way…and definitely don’t forget to allow for some healthy indulgences once in awhile!


March 2023


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