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Stillness exudes condensed confidence

A dichotomy of unsettled rest, or centered restlessness

To anchor the two allows a unification in the mirror between them

Revealing true peace



Within their coexistence

*A simply profound realization encapsulated by Lao Tzu, “Search your heart and see the way to do is to be.” 🙂


Everyone is familiar with addiction in one form or another…either you know someone struggling with addiction and/or you are struggling with your own addiction(s). What is less familiar, or less discussed, is the fact that every single person has some form of addiction, albeit varying levels and types. That morning cup of coffee you just have to have, repeatedly binge watching those shows, regularly purchasing all those extra items you may not really need, constantly eating those extra treats, always being a worry wart, etc. Granted, most of these “lesser” forms of addiction are usually minimally invasive to our well-being and lives, but they still make an impact on our anxiety levels, self-esteem, and quality of life. By no means, outside of a utopian existence, could anyone be without some element of these human feelings and behaviors. However, if we all paid a little more attention to these nagging habits, or addictive interrupters, we may find that we experience a little more balance, calm, and satisfaction in our daily lives.

I think there is a distinction between indulgences and addictions, most clearly in the regularity of the behavior, and the way engaging in the behavior makes you feel. As a Holistic Counselor, I find that many of my clients are struggling with these human “addictions”, but what’s concerning is that they feel they are not allowed to be struggling with what they consider to be such banal or benign issues. What I always strive to impart to all my clients is: 1. You are unique, whole, and allowed to feel whatever your experience is bringing to the table-that is the first step in healing and growing; 2. Comparing your experience/feelings to anyone else’s is futile and counterproductive; and 3. No one can ever know the depth of what you are feeling, and those feelings are not for anyone to judge (not even you) as being proportionate, or disproportionate, to whatever may have caused them.

Let us all be a little more kind, gentle, and open-minded with ourselves, others, and this paradoxical amalgamation of human experience. Balance and release where we can, reflect and work on being the best version of ourselves, but forgive some missteps along the way…and definitely don’t forget to allow for some healthy indulgences once in awhile!


March 2023


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