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Shell of bliss-shackle with a crackle of Earth’s fluid voice

With each tide reborn

Color’s enigmatic hue know the place in you that ceases to release

Opens it wide, purified with stinging salt

Wound joins waves to eradicate days like the receding sands of time

Ah, but the twinkle at twilight-that sparkling dance, effervescent glance, washes clean all wrath leaving only mysterious ease in it’s aftermath


Red-Muladhara-Chakra 1

Red rover red rover send manifestation right over

A magnetic beat the rhythmic rocking of Earth’s tribal pulsating feat

Being belonging

Fluid in the space between

Oranage-Svadhisthana-Chakra 2

Creature of creation

Juices flowing desire

Purging fire

Undulating chasm creativity its own orgasm

Yellow-Manipura-Chakra 3

Will you or won’t you?

A jacket a cover a bold self to discover

Willing a purpose intense or subtle

Clandestine ego poking through the rubble

Truth of soul self’s intent purpose

Green-Anahata-Chakra 4

Strings and arrows elation and deprivation

Love of self and others

Warms the heart in union like grass taking the sun’s communion

Connect heal make whole in balance together

Blue-Vishuddha-Chakra 5

Watery expressions ebb and flow

Listen lessons to be learned for sure

How to stay silent when to be heard

Blessed as a bird in morning song

Effortless eloquence Soul Speak

Indigo-Ajna-Chakra 6

Nether here nor there

Energy transfer in between

Voices whisper images appear

Clairaudience clairvoyance

Intuitive 3rd eye

Soul’s fluid guide to abide

Violet-Sahasrara-Chakra 7

God is good

To be true to you

Different expressions of the same one source

Stay the course

Always a plan even when we don’t understand an invisible hand


Eternal bliss

So often we hear about the importance of gratitude: “A grateful heart is a happy heart”; “Less attitude, more gratitude”; “Start each day with a grateful heart”; and of course, “Give thanks”. I have always reminded myself, even in troubling times, to focus on what there is to be grateful for, and it truly does make it easier when deal with challenges-creating more peace and joy. This past week, gratitude has come more to the forefront of my attention and experience because I am reading the book Magic, by Rhonda Byrne (Author of the Secret). In this book there is a focus on the magical power of gratitude-in attitude and behavioral practice. There is a 28 day practice of daily activities to express, feel, and live in gratitude, with the expectation that the more you are grateful, the more you will have to be grateful for. It is similar to the law of attraction (what you put out you get back). I am on day 3, and already my heart feels more open, calm, joyful, and peaceful. I realized that I truly can focus even more on the positive and the many blessings in my life. Hey, and if I manifest even more great things as a result…icing on the cake.

Smile wide

Take it in stride

To your heart’s true yearning always abide

You have an unknown ride so take it to the limit

Burst at the seams with joy

Breathe in love

Exhale passion and peace upon the vapors of the world

Carrying your grateful spirit to all near it

Keep happiness by your side even if happens to slide

Remember we need the ebb and the flow of the tide

What do we tell ourselves in the quiet expanse of our innermost consciousness? Do we feel the truth of our yearnings & stirrings whispering in our blood stream, travelling to every part of our being? Do these truths create urges that become a catalyst for action, or do we close our eyes to shut down the abyss of untapped potential? What do we want, what do we fear, what are we waiting for? How many lifetimes does it take to discover who we really are, trust ourselves, think for ourselves, and be honest about it all with everyone (especially ourselves)? Even to consider these questions, unflinchingly answer them, and let those answers alter our paths means we are truth seekers on a journey of the Spirit eternal. 🕉️

Rise and shine beautiful soul!  Today’s gonna be a great day!  The Sky’s the limit!  You are a worthy warrior!

I try out all these affirmations, but they seem to be falling flat today.  Disgruntled is something I wear like a bad Christmas sweater, begrudgingly, not often, and usually because some outside force has thrust it upon me.  That is definitely the case today.  Usually, I feel an inner warmth of joy radiating, and it’s still there, but today it feels more like the afterthought embers from a fun s’mores roast that needs more than the echoes of last laughter to be rekindled.  I need fresh fodder.  Not just a victory, or reprieve-a completion, or resolution.  A breath of fresh air is often mistaken as a new venture, a break from routine.  Really, at least for me now, the relief I seek would come in the form of long-standing hopes and efforts coming to fruition.

I am always ever so grateful for any, and all life’s blessings, even the disturbing/disruptive ones that teach more prickly lessons than the smooth, encouraging ones.  I guess that is today’s lesson for me to meditate on…how to balance acceptance and gratitude for what already is (even if it’s scratching at you like that woolly Christmas sweater), with faith-filled hope and ambition for that which is yet to be realized.  So, fortify and rise up phoenix you are worth it, life is worth it!

We do not have a crisis of the polarized, separatist issues being illuminated right now-while these are valid areas of concern that need to be addressed and resolved on multiple levels-what we really have is a mental health crisis. Not a traditional, hospitalization, medication mental health crisis-though another area of valid concern to address-but, a more pervasive, underlying dysfunction of consciousness that stems from our upbringing, life experience and how we responded to, or deal with those experiences.

How we view and treat ourselves, others and the world around us is the root of where our focus and solution should be coming from to reunite as individuals, communities, nations and as a species. We are eternal souls incarnated in human form for a higher purpose, though the meaning of some of that purpose can be allusive at best and torturous at worst, and we are fooling ourselves if we think that our thoughts and actions (Me) do not impact the greater whole (We).

There is no panacea, or utopia, but if we each start every day with a more positive outlook toward ourselves, one another and the world, we can create positive change by raising the vibration within and around us. This will naturally lead to better outcomes and opportunities for all…along with the systemic and infrastructural changes that must simultaneously occur.

We are all mostly genuine, good people who want the best for ourselves, those we love and the world at large. We would do well to remember this fact and treat each other with the respect we deserve illuminated by our oneness, instead of responding out of fear, dysfunction and an inaccurate view of separatism.

In short, we must shift our perceptions and focus from Me to MeWe. #MeWe #OnenessRedefined


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