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Winding the corner to a widening perspective

Pinholes of light in darkened peripheral

Tears cascade crumbles of forgotten mud in cracked awakening smiles

Sinew stretches, relaxes, settles

Heartbeat steadies

Breath even

Return to peace if even just a moment

Before turned upside down again

This dance of fate and chance held in arms’ will

A cacophony of wonders running the gamut of emotions

If life be a symphony play on-til no more chords echo in the twists and turns of the marrow of my bones


Ribbons and bows

Joys replace woes

Suspended strife

Focus on glories of life

Hearts as full as bellies

Smiles as warm as hearths

Silent union across Earth

As we bow our heads

Lift our souls

And give thanks

Blessed rest

Ready to open the door for more…of whatever 2023 may be

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The window remains

The pane the same

But the view has changed along with her name

What began as a dance now a steadfast stance

Took a chance on romance

Its roots dug deep-grew a child, birthed a family-beautiful fruits of labor

From girl to woman, lover, partner, mother

Not yet old, but feeling time begin to fold

Living in the chasm’s interim

Laughter, tears, worry, joy, fears

Emotions once shuffled like toys, then questioned as ploys, now simply a fluid way of life

Surfing some, wading others

Toe dips, deep plunges, lazy breaths on sunny rocks, gasping for air between undulating knocks

Rhythmic flow in the zone

Alternately joyous, wondering, terrified, and thrown

Blissful sail of peace gives them all momentum, meaning-to a common centered place, a safe space


Home is where the heart is

Maybe home is the heart

When nearer to the end where does one begin and the other end?

Time a tapered ticket taker on the platform of never ending travel

Soul weary or taking flight

Another midnight journey-frightened delight

Wanting only to be near a friend…or the end

Stop on the tracks

Look at the mountains rolling back

Get off and run naked through the blanketed grass-feeling the blades tickle your ass

Laugh without worry or care

Be all that you dare

Stare down the walls-obstacles in disguise-really just opportunities to rise

Travel alone together

Occasionally, or on the regular

Here, there, or anywhere

Just Travel.

I keep his picture clear before me on my desk to see every day. His back turned in free, unfiltered movement-not to exclude, but to explore. A constant reminder for me to hold the space for him, while simultaneously letting him discover his own way. Parenting- the ultimate paradox, a challenging reward of investing so much with no guarantee of return…will the foundation you laid continue to solidify their steps, or will life (and their choices) create cracks upon which they stumble and fall? More importantly, did you prepare them to get up, and continue in faith and trust amidst all the soft and hardened ground? What will you be privy to in their deepest thoughts and experiences, and what will be kept from you, whether or not it should be?

A deeper space in my heart lit up when he was born, one I never knew existed, and one that can now never be extinguished. All I can do, all any of us mothers can do, is accomplish the impossible feat of being a revolving door of security, love, boundaries, and freedom…to always be there as they come and go, with one arm extended to catch, embrace and hold, and the other open wide to let them go out again on the other side.



Being believing

Doubting questioning
Free fall Faith
Birth to death

Breath between

We smile as easily as frown until we realize there is no crown, or competition to rule

You are your own sovereign, infusing life with merriment, meaning, or strife

A blink and it’s done just as it’s begun…heart full of laughter, knowing, and questions-deepened exposed, yet still mystery unfolds

Will it end, or eternally bend in a loop of souls-wondrous creation, elation, mind boggling ethereal ascension

A life is grown as much from the unknown as what is certain

We are born to live, love, learn & grow…enjoy and die-to be reborn again

For what or when only Spirit knows and with it all grows and glows

Red-Muladhara-Chakra 1

Red rover red rover send manifestation right over

A magnetic beat the rhythmic rocking of Earth’s tribal pulsating feat

Being belonging

Fluid in the space between

Oranage-Svadhisthana-Chakra 2

Creature of creation

Juices flowing desire

Purging fire

Undulating chasm creativity its own orgasm

Yellow-Manipura-Chakra 3

Will you or won’t you?

A jacket a cover a bold self to discover

Willing a purpose intense or subtle

Clandestine ego poking through the rubble

Truth of soul self’s intent purpose

Green-Anahata-Chakra 4

Strings and arrows elation and deprivation

Love of self and others

Warms the heart in union like grass taking the sun’s communion

Connect heal make whole in balance together

Blue-Vishuddha-Chakra 5

Watery expressions ebb and flow

Listen lessons to be learned for sure

How to stay silent when to be heard

Blessed as a bird in morning song

Effortless eloquence Soul Speak

Indigo-Ajna-Chakra 6

Nether here nor there

Energy transfer in between

Voices whisper images appear

Clairaudience clairvoyance

Intuitive 3rd eye

Soul’s fluid guide to abide

Violet-Sahasrara-Chakra 7

God is good

To be true to you

Different expressions of the same one source

Stay the course

Always a plan even when we don’t understand an invisible hand


Eternal bliss

Tap tap

Dribble drop

Tears leaking from tightened spout

Wringing wrenching stripped not sealed

Watching waiting

Daring to be present

Unknown route

Praying hoping

Inhalation clear or polluted

Just keep breathing believing

Octopus arms cup

Overflowing waterfall pocket in an otherwise barren field

What will it yield

A guttural laugh starting low and uncertain

Relishing in its barrel curl ascension

Soul drum solo like an envelope sealed

Skirting edges peeks within

Writing regardless of who reads

Page marries hand

Inked ward

Eternal offspring

Lines appear where once there were none

Leading from whence you’ve come

Going, going gone

Eyes and lips of bird prints

Smiling feet from every beat

Ice cream hips

Belly laughs and moans

Paths taken or not yet sewn

Creating a story whilst watching it unfold

Together we rise often alone we fall

Always the hand of God’s invisible reassurance

Faith in the unseen houses wisdom of all it really means

Gratitude an attitude of hope rather than acceptance

Joyous honor-a chance to participate in the dance

Mutual exchange of birthing sun for ebbing shade

To fade to be remade

My Love holds me still

Anchored in certainty

Leaving no stone of doubt unturned

Digging deeper than footprints in the receding sand

Even if it lasts only as long, worth it to taste the salt, feel the cooling spray

To know the paradoxical joy of floating with faith’s anchor after being knocked head over heels in wonder

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March 2023


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