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Posted on: October 20, 2022

I have always believed that we can, and should, learn more from joy than sorrow. I recognize inevitable life challenges, and the skills acquired by coping with them, but growth and achievement are just as possible, if not sweeter, with ease. I tire of phrases like: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; If you fall off the horse, just get up and get back on; Roll with the punches; Weather the storm; To live is to suffer…Really? How about feeling strength from laughter, connection, and victory. Maybe you don’t wanna get back on that cranky horse’s ass. Would it be so bad to duck when a punch comes your way? We could go in away from the storm. I’ve lived through a multitude of joy and suffering-guess which one made me feel more alive?

I know some of this is oversimplification, and sometimes suffering is inevitable in this human cloak. Perhaps we could just seek out and focus more on the joy. Might I suggest a new paradoxical, Zen-like catch phrase: If suffering is inevitable-choose happiness.


Wink of the eye-cry or pry

Ease my mind

Remove my burden

Lighten my load

Nullify fear

Better yet

Teach me to heal

To deal

Laugh louder than thunder

Smile brighter than lightening

Climb up from down under

Find a new song to sing

Make this world a happier, safer place

Even as we float in space

2 Responses to "JOY"

“If suffering is inevitable-choose happiness.” Well said!
Have you ever heard of laughter yoga? It might be something you’d find interesting/resonate with. There’s a hilarious video on YouTube demonstrating it (Yogi Ramesh Pandey). 😁

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Thank you. I’m always interested in more ways to create joy & laughter…I’ll check out the yoga! 😊

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