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Posted on: August 31, 2016

I have recently seen a lot of postings on Facebook about the need to protect our environment-more importantly the need for us all to work together to protect our world and one another.  The most striking of these posts was about Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Sioux Nation.  He speaks poignantly and eloquently about the prophecies of his ancestors and the need for current and future generations to work together in harmony, compassion, respect and love to heal and protect the resources of our global nations.

We often forget that not only do we utilize and benefit from the resources of the land (how many of these were acquired and irresponsibly used or squandered is another topic for another time), but that we too are resources being depleted and unappreciated in today’s climate of selfishness and violence.  We must each take it upon ourselves to do our part in our own hearts, our own lives and through the ways we interact with and influence those around us to create a climate of understanding, acceptance and honor for all life in all its manifestations.

How each person chooses to, or is able to, do this is a personal choice…contact your government officials, volunteer, use your voice, get involved, choose everyday to be grateful and give back to those you love and the community at large in any way you can.  Even the smallest smile and encouragement to your child, or spouse, or a store clerk can change the course of the future, the world and everyone in it through the ripple effect of loving Oneness.

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