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Posted on: November 10, 2015

Meditative PoseLately, I have been revisiting the words and wisdom of a great spiritual teaching principle and teacher:  Buddha’s Eightfold Path of Enlightenment.  One of the core principles of this wise spiritual entity was that the supreme power of truth would set us free from a certain amount of suffering.  Welcoming truth, he said, would lead us out of suffering and into an enlightened awareness…the truth being that which we want to look at-and that which we don’t-being of equal value.  We often want to avoid suffering to attain joy, but perhaps the true attainment of “bliss” lies (no pun intended) in between (the “middle way”).

Accepting and honoring all human experience allows your soul the freedom to grow to the greatest extent possible in this incarnation.  We are all met with the inevitable truths of birth, life and death-albeit different circumstances and lengths of time for each of us within each of these phases.  Let us make the most of the time and experience we have by reminding ourselves to be truthful within our own hearts and with the hearts of others.


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