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The chaos, uncertainty and reliance on faith that comes with ( largely uncontrollable) new beginnings draws upon all our resources as we step up to the plate of fate.  Some changes can be as exhilarating as they are terrifying, but it is our willingness to find the highest meaning and joy in these circumstances that ensures the best possible consequences. 

I often hear people ask expectant mothers whether they are afraid of the road ahead- the responsibility and weight of another life in your hands.  It wasn’t until I was an expectant mother myself that I understood the glorious hope and happy anticipation of the mystery of this new life adventure that far outweighed any trepidation.  My answer is always the same with this as with anything in life:  If you come from light and love, with good intent, and do the best you can things work out as they should.  In regards to children, such intent and love will teach and allow them to thrive and have the opportunity to achieve their highest potential within their soul path and choices.  There is only so much in our control, as Gibran said, we are the bow from which our children are shot like arrows.

What it comes down to is the ability to breath and release through life’s ever changing events, both those events which we choose and those which we must simply accept and adapt to…either way doing your part, letting go of the rest and hoping for the best goes a long way toward a positive outcome!


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