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Anyone can relate to the phrase, “I’m my own worst enemy”, but those of us in the mental or behavioral health fields have a special appreciation for this concept.  Ultimately, whatever our issues or past baggage, it’s up to us to make the necessary changes to move forward and get out of our own way.  Others help guide us, support and nurture us, but really who do we have to answer to more than the reflection in the mirror?  When we get tired of playing the victim, projecting our issues on the world and others, blaming everyone and everything else and beating ourselves up…a whole new world of opportunity and self-fulfillment opens up!  We can choose to create the life we want and are meant to live (within reason :-)) and the only one standing in our way is the negative self-image we’ve also created or bought into.

It’s not easy to take responsibility for ourselves and our choices, to accept the past and forge a better future, especially when faced with certain dysfunctional people or experiences we may or may not have chosen.  However, if we want a better, more satisfying life it’s really the only option.  So, the next time your dark shadow creeps up on your sunny day, turn and shout “GET OUT OF MY WAY!” and keep on truckin’!  It may take some time to reprogram the pattern, but eventually joy will find you faster than failure.


September 2012
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