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Tabula Rasa: Manhattan Beach can help you start from scratch

Posted on: February 2, 2012

Blank slate indeed! Tabula Rasa Essentials on Manhattan Avenue is a microcosm of the open, fresh, ample offerings of Manhattan Beach. For decades, the West Coast has been rightfully associated with new beginnings, creativity and a more holistic lifestyle-nowhere is that more evident than in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Whether walking on the beach or visiting boutique shops in downtown MB you are reminded of the synergistic creation and sensory connection of the mind, body and spirit.

Entering Tabula Rasa the scented candles and diffusers remind you of home (past, present and future). You can purchase items that match your personal favorite smells, or even bring the clean, ion scent of the ocean into your bedroom. Tabula Rasa offers unusual home accessories, novelty items and luxurious bath and body items.

True to South Bay style, the owner, Maureen McBride, partners with other local shop and restaurant owners for events and charities that help give back to the community. As you go about your day, remember the lesson of the Latin moniker, “Tablua Rasa”: We all begin as blank slates, return to blank slates and can start anew each day as blank slates. How you color the palette is up to you!


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