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We do not have a crisis of the polarized, separatist issues being illuminated right now-while these are valid areas of concern that need to be addressed and resolved on multiple levels-what we really have is a mental health crisis. Not a traditional, hospitalization, medication mental health crisis-though another area of valid concern to address-but, a more pervasive, underlying dysfunction of consciousness that stems from our upbringing, life experience and how we responded to, or deal with those experiences.

How we view and treat ourselves, others and the world around us is the root of where our focus and solution should be coming from to reunite as individuals, communities, nations and as a species. We are eternal souls incarnated in human form for a higher purpose, though the meaning of some of that purpose can be allusive at best and torturous at worst, and we are fooling ourselves if we think that our thoughts and actions (Me) do not impact the greater whole (We).

There is no panacea, or utopia, but if we each start every day with a more positive outlook toward ourselves, one another and the world, we can create positive change by raising the vibration within and around us. This will naturally lead to better outcomes and opportunities for all…along with the systemic and infrastructural changes that must simultaneously occur.

We are all mostly genuine, good people who want the best for ourselves, those we love and the world at large. We would do well to remember this fact and treat each other with the respect we deserve illuminated by our oneness, instead of responding out of fear, dysfunction and an inaccurate view of separatism.

In short, we must shift our perceptions and focus from Me to MeWe. #MeWe #OnenessRedefined

To say these are trying times is a grave understatement.  To discuss the endless, alternating tears and laughter of each day we live in gratitude-hoping it is not our last (in a more potentially imminent and less existential way than we first worldlings are used to) would be obvious and without much comfort.  In fact, not much is comforting right now…other than waking up each day beside those you love to live another day healthily together and hope the world sees brighter days in the coming weeks.

We can wax and wane about higher purposes and meanings we don’t understand, fair and ethical treatment of animals and one another, as well as appreciating our freedom and opportunities.  All these things are important, relevant and meaningful reflections.  Perhaps, the greater revelation (upon which to muse) is that we are all one, connected-not just as families, communities and countrymen and women, but as incarnated souls on this journey.  We are constantly affecting not just our small world bubbles, but the Universe and all its inhabitants in a sort of energetic symbiotic relationship.  As such, we should be mindful of the necessity to continue the virtues of compassion, connection and kindness to self and others-in thought, as well as action.

None of us have all, or maybe any, of the answers or solutions, but we have the ability to live in faith amidst fear and continue to be good souls and citizens.  Do what we can, when, where and how we can for the greater good.  It is my hope that we can all come together with this intent to help heal ourselves and our planet, until we can reach out to do so again hand in hand.


I have recently seen a lot of postings on Facebook about the need to protect our environment-more importantly the need for us all to work together to protect our world and one another.  The most striking of these posts was about Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Sioux Nation.  He speaks poignantly and eloquently about the prophecies of his ancestors and the need for current and future generations to work together in harmony, compassion, respect and love to heal and protect the resources of our global nations.

We often forget that not only do we utilize and benefit from the resources of the land (how many of these were acquired and irresponsibly used or squandered is another topic for another time), but that we too are resources being depleted and unappreciated in today’s climate of selfishness and violence.  We must each take it upon ourselves to do our part in our own hearts, our own lives and through the ways we interact with and influence those around us to create a climate of understanding, acceptance and honor for all life in all its manifestations.

How each person chooses to, or is able to, do this is a personal choice…contact your government officials, volunteer, use your voice, get involved, choose everyday to be grateful and give back to those you love and the community at large in any way you can.  Even the smallest smile and encouragement to your child, or spouse, or a store clerk can change the course of the future, the world and everyone in it through the ripple effect of loving Oneness.

Namaste.2009-02-28 12.37.03

Meditative PoseLately, I have been revisiting the words and wisdom of a great spiritual teaching principle and teacher:  Buddha’s Eightfold Path of Enlightenment.  One of the core principles of this wise spiritual entity was that the supreme power of truth would set us free from a certain amount of suffering.  Welcoming truth, he said, would lead us out of suffering and into an enlightened awareness…the truth being that which we want to look at-and that which we don’t-being of equal value.  We often want to avoid suffering to attain joy, but perhaps the true attainment of “bliss” lies (no pun intended) in between (the “middle way”).

Accepting and honoring all human experience allows your soul the freedom to grow to the greatest extent possible in this incarnation.  We are all met with the inevitable truths of birth, life and death-albeit different circumstances and lengths of time for each of us within each of these phases.  Let us make the most of the time and experience we have by reminding ourselves to be truthful within our own hearts and with the hearts of others.

The chaos, uncertainty and reliance on faith that comes with ( largely uncontrollable) new beginnings draws upon all our resources as we step up to the plate of fate.  Some changes can be as exhilarating as they are terrifying, but it is our willingness to find the highest meaning and joy in these circumstances that ensures the best possible consequences. 

I often hear people ask expectant mothers whether they are afraid of the road ahead- the responsibility and weight of another life in your hands.  It wasn’t until I was an expectant mother myself that I understood the glorious hope and happy anticipation of the mystery of this new life adventure that far outweighed any trepidation.  My answer is always the same with this as with anything in life:  If you come from light and love, with good intent, and do the best you can things work out as they should.  In regards to children, such intent and love will teach and allow them to thrive and have the opportunity to achieve their highest potential within their soul path and choices.  There is only so much in our control, as Gibran said, we are the bow from which our children are shot like arrows.

What it comes down to is the ability to breath and release through life’s ever changing events, both those events which we choose and those which we must simply accept and adapt to…either way doing your part, letting go of the rest and hoping for the best goes a long way toward a positive outcome!

Anyone can relate to the phrase, “I’m my own worst enemy”, but those of us in the mental or behavioral health fields have a special appreciation for this concept.  Ultimately, whatever our issues or past baggage, it’s up to us to make the necessary changes to move forward and get out of our own way.  Others help guide us, support and nurture us, but really who do we have to answer to more than the reflection in the mirror?  When we get tired of playing the victim, projecting our issues on the world and others, blaming everyone and everything else and beating ourselves up…a whole new world of opportunity and self-fulfillment opens up!  We can choose to create the life we want and are meant to live (within reason :-)) and the only one standing in our way is the negative self-image we’ve also created or bought into.

It’s not easy to take responsibility for ourselves and our choices, to accept the past and forge a better future, especially when faced with certain dysfunctional people or experiences we may or may not have chosen.  However, if we want a better, more satisfying life it’s really the only option.  So, the next time your dark shadow creeps up on your sunny day, turn and shout “GET OUT OF MY WAY!” and keep on truckin’!  It may take some time to reprogram the pattern, but eventually joy will find you faster than failure.

Blank slate indeed! Tabula Rasa Essentials on Manhattan Avenue is a microcosm of the open, fresh, ample offerings of Manhattan Beach. For decades, the West Coast has been rightfully associated with new beginnings, creativity and a more holistic lifestyle-nowhere is that more evident than in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Whether walking on the beach or visiting boutique shops in downtown MB you are reminded of the synergistic creation and sensory connection of the mind, body and spirit.

Entering Tabula Rasa the scented candles and diffusers remind you of home (past, present and future). You can purchase items that match your personal favorite smells, or even bring the clean, ion scent of the ocean into your bedroom. Tabula Rasa offers unusual home accessories, novelty items and luxurious bath and body items.

True to South Bay style, the owner, Maureen McBride, partners with other local shop and restaurant owners for events and charities that help give back to the community. As you go about your day, remember the lesson of the Latin moniker, “Tablua Rasa”: We all begin as blank slates, return to blank slates and can start anew each day as blank slates. How you color the palette is up to you!

Every year gets better, or worse, depending on your outlook.  As each new year approaches and another candle is added to the cake, why not choose joy?!  I’m putting down my whiny wand and victim cape and donning a new, better, optimistic perspective on my life and the world around me-how else can one attract that which they wish to be and achieve if not by emitting a similar vibration?  So all my aging comrades in arms, anoint your sword of adventure, tie on that lasso of truth, go out there and be the best you can be.  Who said you had to put away your childlike nature when maturity crept in?  Integrity demands we not give up on our dreams, whatever age we may be and that it’s never too late to start a new adventure!

We all reach a point where we return to the inevitable need to release and make peace with what is.  This doesn’t mean giving in or giving up, but it does mean surrendering to the power of acceptance. By accepting what is, where and who we are, we gain perspective and clarity for forward movement.

Sometimes the greatest gift we can give ourselves is letting go-ironically, it often leads us to where we were so ardently pushing to get!

Recently joined forces with another gifted therapist (my mom) to create our new group of psychological therapists, counselors and holistic practitioners under the umbrella of Motivational Therapy Group-Where Hope is an Action not an Idea.  We offer individual sessions, groups, talks, courses and a uniquely integrative approach to balancing and restoring the mind, body, spirit dynamic!  We are “The Shrink & The Shaman” :-).  Check out our new site


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