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In a rush, all at once-emerge merged

One Culminating vision, pure understanding

Essence of clarity a sought after rarity

One Light, one voice, one consciousness

We all stem from the source-its embers shooting forth

Learning, living, praying, meditating, hits and misses led to this…

Delivery of the Universe’s kiss

A brief respite for inner sight to know it’s already alright

Time and dimensions fold in upon their illusions-the space between everything and nothing

Soaking in the revelation that emptiness and all there is are doppelgangers laughing knowingly at one another in the ether’s mirror



Posted on: May 23, 2023

Ripped, riddled, torn asunder

Stripped, straddled, ridden raw

A stall, bucket to quench, barrel of hay

Ignore the stench, brush & stay

Blanket on back, bridle veil

To ride saddle or bare back

Gallop, trot, or canter


Horse shoe ring not so much luck does it bring

Staring at freedom across the field

Jockey’s grooming whip in side-to yield or abide

Neigh I choose another way before they put me down one day

Skin crawling, foot tapping

Bubbling up like an inferno in the cauldron of my tolerance

Leaving one petulant, unearthing discontent

Iron hot 3rd degree touch

Molten memories trapped in ash and gas

Forgetting who I was before I was born, catching glimpses of that allusive soul in smoke and mirrors

Reflecting strength eternal, laced with optimistic adventures

Arts and lady finger parts

Warrior Spirit, gentle soul

Kind eyes, pure love in heart, wind in hair, soil under foot

Fire in the belly

God companion

Rogue road ahead

Blink and you’ll miss it

Or capture it like the shutter of a living camera

Holding memories on the canvas of gray matter

Images interlopers hop scotching across lobes

Eliciting smiles and cries

From birth to last breath their play never dies, despite the lies we try to infuse them with

The picture can not hide the subject within its frame

Color it though you may-its truth remains the same

Isn’t a miracle just looking through the lens of the possibility of magic?

Didn’t we see things that way as children-couldn’t/shouldn’t we still?

What separates the veil between awareness & belief in that world or this? Doubt

What reconnects that cord? Faith

Conscious unconsciousing

Captive to the very freedom created to disenslave

Words and bullets slice the air without a fragment of care for those spewing, or being spent

The filter of kindness replaced by hatred on tap in desperate need of a tourniquet

Ethereal bliss in the empty ether between all judgement & reckoning, where it can truly be seen that we are all one…pain can be undone, swords relinquished, hands united & people on this planet can finally have some real f*ing fun, instead of fearing for their lives at the end of a gun!

Derivative, delicate, deliberate

Palatable expectation

Dance of enigmation

Ingenue-I know you

Turn on a dime, shed a tear, hide it quick before it hits the ground-no ripple effect here

Smile bright even if it’s not alright, keep it tight, run, don’t breathe, laugh, don’t feel

Never keep it real, except when you’re alone, worn to the bone, when no one’s on the phone

No need to be a clone-freedom in a cage of society’s, media’s, and our own making

I want a new kiln, new slab of clay, new mud…better yet, no mud, no fire, no kiln, just a blob I can move in experience-new every day in a new way-so I can finally say I recognize myself in you

Shell of bliss-shackle with a crackle of Earth’s fluid voice

With each tide reborn

Color’s enigmatic hue know the place in you that ceases to release

Opens it wide, purified with stinging salt

Wound joins waves to eradicate days like the receding sands of time

Ah, but the twinkle at twilight-that sparkling dance, effervescent glance, washes clean all wrath leaving only mysterious ease in it’s aftermath

Come back to me old friend

That undefinable, undeniable essence

A wave of energy that carries through all you do, making everything better

That invisible jive only you can hear and dance to

Born in you, nurtured by you, taken by none

Yet, somehow hides in the shadow of stress and despair

No flashlight can find it, no begging, or pleading

Only when you step back into the sunlight, unafraid of what may be waiting there, will it reappear, rear up, and be free

Freedom of failure

It builds, silently grasping verbiage

Giving wings, falling short in mid flight

Words-shackle and key

Expressing and enslaving

Utilized, appreciated, while knowing the truth I seek to speak…ever on hold even when told

Until soul lingo we invent that illuminates emotions full intent

Breath of life

Spirit fight

Wearing hassle like graduation day tassel

Unearthing energy from the lower echelons-a reserve reserved for such occasions

An isolated isotope needing to neutralize, to reconnect

Redistribution explosive union

Tranquil tremulous ignition

Steady as she goes, whichever way the wind blows, where she ends up nobody knows

Happenstance or God’s Great Dance-either way I’ll take the chance


June 2023

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